What is the Best Protein Shake for Weight Loss?  Here are my picks

What is the Best Protein Shake for Weight Loss? Here are my picks

When you are constantly on the run, with little time for meals, a liquid meal in a bottle is a super convenient grab-and-go option. Oftentimes when we diet, we fail to take in all the vitamins and essential nutrients that our bodies require to maintain optimum wellness. A meal replacement protein shake can be a great option for achieving calorie reduction while still giving our bodies what they need. So, what is the best protein shake for weight loss? Here is my take.

What to look for in a protein shake

You’ll find loads of protein shakes to choose from online and at the store. Some will tout ingredients crafted for strength and body building benefits, some claim to increase metabolism, and there are some derived only from plant based ingredients for vegetarians or vegans. What I am looking for when I am choosing the ultimate meal replacement, is a product that not only combines high protein with reduced calories, but has a low sugar content, adds fiber and healthy fats, and most of all, tastes good. It doesn’t have to taste great, because we all know that would be a stretch, but I don’t want to have to force myself to tolerate it either.

Benefits of a great shake:

A great shake is the ultimate, on-the-go, high nutritional value, meal replacement. Grabbing a protein shake in place of a meal can really help reduce that daily calorie intake, given you choose the right one. They are super convenient. When you are in a rush, it is also a much better option than a fast food drive through. Just watch the sugar content, and if you find one that has added fiber as well as healthy fats, then you will stay full longer. I try to keep them on-hand because I know myself, and when I am in a hurry, I am going to go for what is quick and easy, which can be very, very bad. When they are on hand, it is just too easy to grab one, toss it in a bag, and go. I love to be able to get up and go on a trip out of town whenever the time presents itself, so for me, these make it easy to pack a few meals in a hurry.

Remember, a healthy, well-balanced diet will include a variety of food sources. I don’t recommend replacing more than one meal a day with a protein shake. While adequate protein intake is essential to your wellness, too much protein is not without its consequences as well.

Mix and Go VS Grab and Go

When I am shopping for protein shakes, I am looking at two basic types. First there is the dry powder that comes in a canister, and needs to be mixed with either water or some type of milk. Then there is the premixed liquid that usually comes in single serving bottles. I buy both kinds, and I’ll tell you why. The dry powders take a few minutes to mix, but I can be more creative with these. I can freeze a variety of fruits and mix them with the powder and milk in a blender for a thick sweet shake that will taste much better than the mix alone. I will sometimes add yogurt or honey to these as well. The options are endless, you can get really creative here, adding whatever you are in the mood for. I try to keep a dry mix on hand for those days when I have the time to have fun with making a shake. The premixed liquid protein meal replacement shakes are great for, not only when I am in a rush, but they are perfect for taking along on a road trip.

My Top Picks

I have tried a lot of different brands of protein shakes over the years, and while I am always on the lookout for new ones to try, here are my go-to favorites:

Body Fortress is one of my favorite powdered shakes. This is one that I will usually add frozen fruits to. It has a good flavor when mixed, and has 30 g of protein per scoop. You’ll find it in several flavors including vanilla, chocolate, strawberry, chocolate peanut-butter, and cookies and creme.

Body Fortress Protein Shake Body Fortress Nutrition

Another Powdered protein shake that I like is the GNC Lean Shake Classic. This one only has 9 g of protein per scoop, but it is loaded with vitamins and minerals and has 8 g of fiber. Try adding a banana and some powdered peanut butter to this one to make a great tasting, thick peanut butter banana shake

Lean Protein Shake classic lean shake nutrients

As far as premixed, grab-and-go protein shakes, Muscle Milk is my favorite with 25 g of protein and zero sugar, as well as 4 g of fiber. Several flavors are available, and you can usually find this at a local grocery store, as well as online.

Muscle Milk Muscle Milk Nutrients

Another good choice is the Premier Protein Shakes. These come in a wide variety of flavors and are loaded with vitamins and minerals, on top of the 30 g of protein and 3 g of fiber. Really good flavor here for a protein shake.

Premier Protein shake Premier Protein Nutrients

Replace one meal a day

Protein shakes that are low in sugar and contain added vitamins and minerals as well as dietary fiber can make for a very convenient, on-the-go meal replacement option. Replacing one meal a day with a high protein shake can also help to reduce your overall caloric intake, which can assist in weight-loss. There are loads of options available to choose from, both on-line and at your local grocer. Take care to select either a powdered, or ready to drink shake that has added vitamins, minerals, and dietary fiber, and is low in sugar. Having these handy when you are in a rush, or headed out for a long distance trip can save you from poorly chosen meals at fast food restaurants when you are in need of a quick meal. Remember that these are meal replacement shakes, and that if you drink these in addition to your normal daily food intake, then you are likely to be increasing your overall daily calories, which will make weight loss difficult.



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2 thoughts on “What is the Best Protein Shake for Weight Loss? Here are my picks

  1. Thank you so much for this highly informative article, Dora! As someone who is constantly on the go (legal field) and looking for meal replacements on a regular basis, I absolutely love protein shakes and regularly incorporate them into my diet. As of right now, Whey Protein (powder) and Muscle Milk (bottled drink) are my two favorite brands of protein drinks/protein powders. I love the delicious flavor options, I appreciate all of the vitamins/minerals/nutrients that they contain, they give me a nice energy boost, they decrease my recovery time after a good workout (I love the gym. Haha), and they hold me over until my next full meal. I will never let them go! Haha. Great read! God bless you!

    1. Sounds like you share my enthusiasm for these super handy, super quick meal replacements! Thank you for the kind words! Stay safe and healthy!

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